Overall winner

Drovers' Bough by Akin Studio

People's choice award

Brightbox by Unknown Works

Sustainability prize

St Margaret's Church by Studio BAD


The Orangery by McCloy + Muchemwa

Horizon by MSA-Gruff

Northumberlandia Pavilion by Newcastle University School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape

Lynwood Pool by OEB Architects

Pollards Pop-Up! by Okra

Block House by Studio Abroad with Material Cultures

St Margaret’s Church by Studio Bad

The Pottering Shed by Studio MUTT

A Space to Play at Polka Theatre by The Space to Play

Brightbox by Unknown Works

New Rear Studio at Brightbow Workspace by 3|10 Studio

Drovers’ Bough by Akin Studio

Low Energy House by Architecture for London

Dazzle and Pinwheel by BEAM Architects 

Gruz Flat by Brisco Loran

Atcost by Clancy Moore

The Studio by COAL architecture & interior design

Wootton Church commemorative doors by Ftwork

The Gathering Place by KHBT in collaboration with Sans facon

Fungarth House by Mary Arnold-Forster

2021 Winners

Overall winner

Common Room for Hargeisa Town Hall was designed by London and Somalia-based Rashid Ali Architects.

It also takes the People's Choice award, winning nearly 30 per cent out of over 2,000 votes received via a readers poll.

Social sustainability prize

Automated Architecture’s Block West in Bristol won the Social Sustainability Prize


House on the End by 1200 Works

The Axis on Ormside by Alma-nac

Lydford Road by Artefact

Block West by Automated Architecture

A12 Acoustic Barrier by Beep Studio

Market Street Studios by Brisco Loran

Old Four Row by  Daykin Marshall Studio

Field House by  Eleanor Grierson

Farley Farmhouse by  Emil Eve Architects

Hebridean House by  Greig Penny Architecture

1930s Apartment by Knox Bhavan

Garden House by Nick Hill Architects

LabCode-Bothy by  Piercy&Co and Material Architecture

Treadgolds by Pritchard Architecture

Common Room, Hargeisa Town Hall by Rashid Ali Architects

Secret Garden by Sanei + Hopkins

Carrick Retreat by  SASA Works

Nýp Guesthouse by  Studio Bua

Bags: Inside Out by  Studio MUTT

A Small Space for Living In by Tact Studio

2020 Winners

Overall winner

House in North Wales by Martin Edwards Architects

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Studio Represent by Alder Brisco

The Workshop by Annabelle Tugby Architects

Ellis House by BÜF Architecture

Courtyard for a wine merchant by Bunkall Architects

All That Could Have Been by CAN + Harry Lawson

Cass Studio by London Metropolitan School of Architecture

St John’s Music Pavilion (Phase 2) by Clementine Blakemore Architects

Haldon Viewpoint by Emanuel Hendry

2b Derwent Close by Haysom Ward Miller Architects

Eucalyptus Painting Studio by Hugh Strange Architects

Potemkin Theatre by Maich Swift Architects

House in North Wales by Martin Edwards Architects

Cutty Sark Outpost by Mitchell Eley Gould Architects

1 Windsor Road, Albion Terrace, by Russell Jones

The Slot House by Sandy Rendel Architects

Tri-Pod Studio by ScottWhitbyStudio

A Room in the Garden by Ben Allen 

Untitled House by Szczepaniak Astridge

The Parchment Works by Will Gamble Architects

Overall winner

The Conservatory Room, Dublin, by David Leech Architects

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Sustainability prize

Hospital Chapel, Haiti by Guylee Simmonds


The Photography Workshop by alma-nac

Stego by Archmongers

Lomax Studio by CAN

Conservatory Room by David Leech Architects

6 Broadway Market Mews by Delvendahl Martin Architects

Black House by Dualchas Architect

La Falda Primary School by EBBA ARCHITECTS

Hospital Chapel, Haiti, by Guylee Simmonds

Montague Court by IF_DO

Blackhouse by Moxon Architects

Kudhva by New British Design

Cork House by nimtim architects

Garden Café at V&A Museum by Reed Watts

Reading Retreat by STUDIO BERMAN

Ordnance Pavilion by Studio MUTT

Children's Cookery Cottage by Surman Weston

Jeffrey's Place by Tasou Associates

Testone Factory by TEATUM+TEATUM

East Street Exchange by We Made That

Berberis Boathouse by Wimshurst Pelleriti

Overall winner

Wrong House by Matheson Whiteley

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20A Northburgh Street by Kennedytwaddle

Belvue School Woodland Classrooms by Studio Weave

Garden House by TEATUM+TEATUM

Holloway Lightbox by Studio Bark

House Belfast by FÄMILY Architects

In-betweeny House by alma-nac

Made in Oakfield by Matt + Fiona with MSA

Naweni Kindergarten by CAUKIN Studio

PEER Gallery and Pocket Park by Trevor Horne Architects

Respite Pavilion by Graeme Massie Architects

Riverside Solidarity by Baxendale Studio

Rooftop Suite by West Architecture


Salmen House by Office S&M

The Miners Legend by How About Studio

The Road by Hayatsu Architects and Central Saint Martins

Trailer Trash by Invisible Studio

Union Wharf by Nicholas Szczepaniak Architects

Wittering House, Adolphus Road, London, by gpad london

Overall winner

Croft Lodge Studio by Kate Darby and David Connor

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Asylum House by MOS Architects

Belsize House by STUDIOCARVER

Culardoch Shieling by Moxon Architects

Feilden Fowles Studio by Feilden Fowles Architects

Grand Entrance Hall at the Brunel Museum by Tate Harmer

Laggan Locks by Sean Douglas & Gavin Murray

Lantern Studio by Surman Weston

Long Drop by Invisible Studio

Mews House by Russell Jones

Monotype Digital Foundry by Ben Adams Architects

No. 49 by 31/44 Architects

Perea Borobio House by Canales & Lombardero

Place Tapis Rouge by Emergent Vernacular Architecture

Re-imagining the Building Centre: Co-working Space by Roz Barr Architects

Seminar House Pavilion by Hayatsu Architects

The Bath House Children's Community Centre by Lipton Plant Architects

The Layered Gallery by Gianni Botsford Architects

The Mansion by Matthew Butcher

Wedderburn Road by Finkernagel Ross