Overall winner

Hargeisa Town Hall by London and Somalia-based Rashid Ali Architects.

It also takes the People's Choice award, winning nearly 30 per cent out of over 2,000 votes received via a readers poll.

Sustainability prize

Block West in Bristol by Automated Architecture


                                          House on the End by 1200 Works

                                          The Axis on Ormside by Alma-nac

                                          Lydford Road by Artefact

                                          Block West by Automated Architecture

                                          A12 Acoustic Barrier by Beep Studio

                                          Market Street Studios by Brisco Loran

                                          Old Four Row by Daykin Marshall Studio

                                          Field House by Eleanor Grierson

                                          Farley Farmhouse by Emil Eve Architects

                                          Hebridean House by Greig Penny Architecture

                                          1930s Apartment by Knox Bhavan

                                          Garden House by Nick Hill Architects

                                          LabCode-Bothy by Piercy&Co and Material Architecture

                                          Treadgolds by Pritchard Architecture

                                          Common Room, Hargeisa Town Hall, by Rashid Ali Architects

                                          Secret Garden by Sanei + Hopkins

                                          Carrick Retreat by SASA Works

                                          Nýp Guesthouse by Studio Bua

                                          Bags: Inside Out by Studio MUTT

                                          A Small Space for Living In by Tact Studio