Overall winner

House in North Wales by Martin Edwards Architects

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Sustainability prize

Cass Studio by London Metropolitan School of Architecture


Studio Represent by Alder Brisco

The Workshop by Annabelle Tugby Architects

Ellis House by BÜF Architecture

Courtyard for a wine merchant by Bunkall Architects

All That Could Have Been by CAN with Harry Lawson

Cass Studio by London Metropolitan School of Architecture

St John’s Music Pavilion (Phase 2) by Clementine Blakemore Architects

Haldon Viewpoint by Emanuel Hendry

2b Derwent Close by Haysom Ward Miller Architects

Eucalyptus Painting Studio by Hugh Strange Architects

Potemkin Theatre by Maich Swift Architects

House in North Wales by Martin Edwards Architects

Cutty Sark by Mitchell Eley Gould Architects

Albion Terrace by Outpost

1 Windsor Road by Russell Jones

The Slot House by Sandy Rendel Architects

Tri-Pod by ScottWhitbyStudio

A Room in the Garden by Studio Ben Allen

Untitled House by Szczepaniak Astridge

The Parchment Works by Will Gamble Architects