Overall winner - AJ Small Projects

Martin Edwards Architects, House in North Wales.

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  • Alder Brisco, Studio Represent
  • Annabelle Tugby Architects, The Workshop
  • BÜF Architecture, Ellis House
  • Bunkall Architects, Courtyard for a wine merchant
  • CAN + Harry Lawson, All That Could Have Been
  • Cass School of Architecture, Cass Studio
  • Clementine Blakemore Architects, St John’s Music Pavilion (Phase 2)
  • Emanuel Hendry, Haldon Viewpoint
  • Haysom Ward Miller Architects, 2b Derwent Close
  • Hugh Strange Architects, Eucalyptus Painting Studio
  • Maich Swift Architects, Potemkin Theatre
  • Martin Edwards Architects, House in North Wales
  • Mitchell Eley Gould Architects, Cutty Sark
  • Outpost, Albion Terrace
  • Russell Jones, 1 Windsor Road
  • Sandy Rendel Architects, The Slot House
  • ScottWhitbyStudio, Tri-Pod
  • Studio Ben Allen, A Room in the Garden
  • Szczepaniak Astridge, Untitled House
  • Will Gamble Architects, The Parchment Works