Entry Criteria

Entry Criteria

Deadline - 15th January 2021


  • Entries must have been completed between 1 July 2019 and 1 January 2021 (NB projects entered for AJ Small Projects 2020 cannot be re-entered)
  • All entries must have a total contract value of £299,000 or under
  • Projects must not have had significant coverage in the architectural press (if your project has been covered elsewhere, please declare where)
  • Projects must be located in the UK or built by a UK-based practice if abroad
  • All entries will be uploaded to and displayed in the AJ Buildings Library


Please Note: Once entries are submitted they are final. If there are any problems or questions about your entry we will contact you. Requests to change submitted entries will be considered on an individual basis; all queries in this regard to rupert.bickersteth@emap.com.

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